About The Naked Leaf Products

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce you to our two products!

There are lots more exciting products that are in the pipeline, but for now please find enclosed a sample of our Beetroot & Bean and Mushroom & Lentil vegan patties for you to try; we hope you love them as much as we do!

We started our Naked Leaf range because we believe that plant-based meals should not pretend to be meat. For that reason, our vegan patties are free of soya, milk, eggs and wheat and genetically modified plants! We ensure our meals have very little impact on the environment.

Our range of authentic vegan products that are nutritionally balanced, healthy and delicious; champions of any meal!

Today we offer smaller batch preparation, so that we can provide unique and exclusive recipes for you. We choose natural ingredients that are nutritious, fresh and of the highest quality; making our vegan patties both nutritious and delicious.

By lessening our carbon footprint, we can protect our planets future; so let’s do this together and help however we can, in the most delicious way x

We’d love to see what you do with our patties! Share your Naked Leaf moments with us @nakedleaf_ 

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