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The Pickled Pepper Company curates a basket of superior products that we will add to from time to time. I will keep you updated as we add new and exciting products to our range. Our products are tastefully packaged and really stand out against other products on the pantry shelves. We pride ourselves on contributing to economic growth in rural areas as well as spin-off economic benefits in urban areas by creating much needed economic opportunities in these tough times when many people have reduced or no income. #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #supportthefarmer #supportthefarmworkers

Carara’s range of export quality, award winning, pickles and peppers are ethically grown in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, KZN, Zimbabwe and Zambia. They are bottled in Grahamstown, creating much needed employment in the region. Cararas products are produced to internationally certified standards and are pasteurised so preservative free - no gmo’s. They are both Halaal and Kosher Certified. All products are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Oakhurst Olives multi-award winning range of Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Kalamata Olives, Olive Tapenade, Olive Marmalade and Olive & Chilli Marmalade are ethically grown, picked and bottled in the picturesque Tulbagh Valley. Oakhurst Olives is known as the model Olive Farm in South Africa and is the leader in new technologies and developments. There are many nutritional and medicinal reasons to include a really pure olive oil in your diet – Improves intestinal health, good ally against diabetes, cholesterol control, relieves pain, strengthens the immune system, Improves cognitive functioning. A great friend for a healthy weight and more.

Naked Leaf plant-based patties – Beetroot & Bean and Mushroom & Lentil. Veganism and Vegetarian healthy lifestyle is a huge growing trend worldwide. It is a $195 Billion industry in the USA. One does not need to be vegan or vegetarian to enjoy our delicious patties. Some people just want to eat healthier with less meat in their diet #meatfreemondays and our Naked Leaf patties are a nutritionally balanced and wholesome option. We choose natural ingredients that are nutritious, fresh and of the highest quality. They are free of eggs, wheat, genetically modified plants, powders, soya, gmo’s or other additives. Thus, we believe they are simply the best pattie on the market.

In the heart of the Western Cape there is a small town called Eendekuil. Previously, rooibos was commonly referred to as “mountain tea” since it only naturally occurred in the mountainous sand veld and Cederberg regions. With these mountainous regions as its backdrop, this small town is home to a climate that is perfect for farming rooibos. Day One is the only South African rooibos tea producer that is involved in the process from the very first day of planting, harvesting and brewing,
to the day the consumer picks it up off the shelf. The natural packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Even the tea bags are made from a potato extract.

The Dark Knight Coffee will be launched next week and is set to take the country by storm. It has just received a Gold Award at the Aurora International Taste Challenge in a blind tasting and the product has not even launched yet. This coffee is high end Arabica, easy on the palate. The consistency keeps people coming back and sitting for two, not one cup. From the creator of Truth Coffee which is awarded as one of the top seven coffee cafes in the world.

With roots in Italy, Sant’ Alessandro is about artisanal Italian slow food made with great care, deep knowledge and expertise. Originating from traditional methods passed through our lineage and refined by attending specialised courses in Italy, we have brought our Italian heritage to South Africa through cured meats made from ethically sourced ingredients and tried and tested recipes.

Africa’s best chilli sauce. The recipe has been handed down over five generations.

Due to the fact that under Covid-19 Lockdown regulations, companies will not be able to host year- end functions for their staff and special clients. We believe that Corporate Gifting is a wonderful way for corporates to still show their appreciation to their staff and special client and suppliers.
One can select from pre-packaged gift options or curate your own selection from our range of exceptional products.
Oakhurst Olives currently supplies a lovely Gift Box containing their award winning 375ml Olive Oil as well as award winning Kalamata Olives.
Carara have three gift boxes:- 

The Hot Box - Jalapeno whole & sliced, Cherry Peppers whole & sliced, Chargrilled Artichokes, Gourmet Relish hot
Mello n Mild – Sweetheart Peppers whole & sliced, Cherry Peppers whole, Whole Patty Pans, Artichokes, Gourmet Relish mild
Pick of the Peppers - Jalapeno sliced, Whole Patty Pans, Cherry Peppers whole, Sweetheart Peppers sliced, Chargrilled Artichokes, Gourmet Relish original
Or you can create your own hamper filled with your choice of the wonderful products above.

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