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The Pickled Pepper curates a basket of superior products. Our products are as versatile as your imagination.



On the farm, Lemoendrif, in the picturesque Tulbach Valley, the Du Toit family produces multi-award winning extra virgin olive oil, Kalamata table olives and natural green olives in harmony with Mother Nature.

Total dedication to quality in every step from planning to hand-harvesting, to processing and packaging ensure premium quality and pure enjoyment from the tree to the table.

A clutch of gold medals and awards won at competitions across the globe from New York to Sydney and South Africa – attest to our unwavering commitment and fules our passion to keep striving for the best.

Guaranteed true-to-type mother material is grown under strictly controlled conditions from healthy trees with a history of excellent and regular production.

We offer a wide range of cultivars, specializing in own-rooted Kalamata trees and also cater for special orders on demand. Our trees are size graded according to industry regulator, SA Olive, classification and priced accordingly.


  • Export quality range
  • International multi-award winning products
  • Produced to internationally certified standards
  • Pasturised so GMO, preservative-free
  • Shelflife of between 24 – 36 months
  • Halaal certified
  • Kosher certified
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Ethically grown produce from seed to supplier
  • Creates economic growth in rural farm areas as well as spin-off to urban areas #supportthefarmer #supportfarmworkers #supportlocal
  • Opportunity to add additional products to range if there is demand and viable
  • Can rebrand with minimum order of 10,000 jars
  • Can supply full product range in bulk
  • Personal and friendly service
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